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Somewhere in 2016 it seemed many of the things that mattered in our journey from Ontario to BC were getting lost - healthy meals, fresh air,  time to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and caring for our planet.


So we sold our dream ski chalet in Whistler and bought a rundown 14 acre farm in the stunning Pemberton Meadows.


For me it's living the dream of my obsessive passion for growing flowers. For my "boys" Doug and Gardner it's an adventure in growing, processing and cooking clean fresh food.


Together we are building a place where others can share the peace and beauty of HappiLife Farm. In the summer we work hard and watch the joy our flowers, herbs, and fresh veggies bring joy to our friends and customers.


In the winter - we steal away to play in the snow.


See you at the farm. Meredith 



Nestled in the stunning Pemberton Valley, our 14 acre farm sits on some of the richest agricultural land in British Columbia.   

We set out to grow and sell flowers and herbs, but as we are surrounded by amazing organic producers it just made sense to grow some local veggies for our family and the farmstand.

We are proud to partner with our main organic food suppliers RootDown Organics and Helmers Organic potatoes. 

Our commitment is to growing sustainably, and supporting the farmers in our community.


Sustainably grown flowers

delivered in 'upcycled' vases

Each day brings fresh inspiration, as local wild flowers, herbs and foraged greens find their way into unique seasonal arrangements. We use recycled glass vases and are committed to eliminating single use plastics and containers.  Our customers always comment how long Happilife flowers last; that's the advantage of being "grown not flown."

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