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Our HappiLife Story

In 2016 it seemed many of the things that mattered in our journey from Ontario to BC were getting lost - healthy meals, fresh air, and time to enjoy the the mountains and care for our planet.


Then this farm found us. Nestled in the stunning Pemberton Valley, our 14 acres sits on some of the richest agricultural land in B. C.  My son found his egg business, and my talented husband has learned to raise turkeys.


I set out to grow and sell specialty cut flowers, but  it just made sense to also grow some local veggies for our family and the farmstand as well. We are proud to partner with our neighbours (and gurus) to offer RootDown Organics produce and Helmers Organic potatoes. We also stock our friends and neighbours products: Pemberton Valley Coffee, Auberge du Pre jams and culinary salts, and Tree Sap Farm eggs in our little stand.

At the farm I can mix the best skills of my past as a professional freestyle skier and a television producer. I love working hard outdoors to conjure up a kaleidoscope of colour. Our friends and families keep this little dream going with their generous and much needed help!


Our HappiLife commitment is to grow sustainably, and to support local farmers and producers. Each day brings extraordinary beauty, new challenges, and a stronger connection to our community.

See you at the farm. Meredith 


Sustainably grown flowers
delivered in 'upcycled' vases

Each day brings fresh inspiration, as local wild flowers, herbs and foraged greens find their way into unique seasonal arrangements. I use recycled glass vases and am committed to eliminating single use plastics and containers. 


We have made it through two 'spray-free' years, without having to apply even organically approved pesticides.  Our flowers thrive on fresh water and good soil. We rely on birds, natural predators and healthy plants to keep the bugs in check.

By mid-morning the flower field is vibrating with bees who then fall asleep nestled in the petals by noon. In the evening the dragonflies hold court.

Our customers always comment how long Happilife flowers last; that's the advantage of being "grown not flown."

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